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Swim: .47mi / 750m Printable PDF

This counter clockwise, rectangular swim will start and finish at the boat ramp where athletes will keep all buoys on their left.  Sprint athletes will turn left at the first green buoy.  The Washington County Search & Rescue Dive Team will be on hand to support all athletes so if you need a rest while in the water, waive your arms or simply swim to the nearest kayak.  You can hold on to any vessel without penalty as long as there is no forward propulsion.  If you need to cut your swim short for any reason, let a water support team member know, and they will bring you in to shore, just please remember to turn in your timing chip when you get there.

Bike: 12.4mi / 20k Interactive Map Printable PDF

All athletes will exit T1 at the South end, ride to the main road and make a TIGHT left-hand turn.  (You will have accelerated quite a bit at this point, so please be safe making this turn.) About 3.3 miles down this road you will hit “The Hill”, which will last less than a mile but is about a 6% grade.  Shortly after a right on 3000 S you will hit the turnaround point where you will then return the way you came.  There will be one aid station and both cattle guards will be completely covered.  NOTE:  This course is CLOSED to traffic but is shared by the run course.  Please use caution!

Run: 3.1mi / 5k Interactive Map Printable PDF

Runners will not be sharing the road with cyclists this year! Enjoy the most scenic run course along the edge of Sand Hollow! Begin your run at the north end of Transition, follow the chute out to the Dam.  Run alongside the Dam for approximately 1 mile then continue on the paved road for half a mile until the Sprint Turnaround, then head back the same way you came. There will be an aid station at each mile marker. Remember to stay on the water-side of Lake Side Drive because the road will not be closed to traffic.